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Breeding dogs is our hobby and passion, but this is not a business. Please understand that we receive many requests and have to screen each one before proceeding. Even then, it is our sole discretion who we place our puppies with. Please understand that this is not a corporation, but a labor of love. Sometimes patience is required!

To be taken seriously, we encourage you to introduce yourself by email and we will call you to discuss further if we think your home could be a potential match. Please provide us with a background of your experience with dogs and your expectations of the new member of your family. If you have read the contract before we speak, bonus points to you! We love seeing our dogs in performance and show homes, however, the most important factor is witnessing you prioritize the arrival of your new family member and demonstrating a solid knowledge (or quest for knowledge) of the breed you plan to acquire.


Price should not be a determining factor in your decision but to set some perspective, our litters start at $1,500 and can be as much as $2,500 if using a frozen semen breeding, etc.   You will be required to initial and sign a contract and send a deposit (minimum $200) once you have been confirmed for the wait-list. Please do not send a contract or check until you have been instructed to do so.

Pam manages the wait-lists for water spaniels. She is in Park Falls, Wisconsin and can be reached by phone at 715-762-2602 (landline with spam blocker, please press #) and by email at


Kayla manages the wait-lists for the setters. She is in Montello, Wisconsin and can be reached by phone at 414-841-8211 (call or text) and by email at 

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