AWS of the Past

Below is a list of AWS who you will find in our pedigrees over the years, who have either been retired from breeding or who have passed over the rainbow bridge. 

  • Joe, Ch. Kei-Rin's Cotton Eyed Joe, born July 28, 2016, CHIC # 141590

    • Ch. Mann'rs Caroline Fozzy Bear x Miranda

  • Glory, Ch. Kraskey's Kei-Rin Gloryana, born February 13, 2015, CHIC # 119310

    • Staley x Ready

  • Wiley, GCH. Kei-Rin's Wile E. Coyote, born October 1, 2013, CHIC # 111414

    • Leinie x Bella

  • Ready, GCH. Kei-Rin's American Honey, born December 19, 2011, CHIC # 95781

    • Leinie x Bella

  • Howie, Kei-Rin's Cowboy Casanova, born June 4th, 2010

    • Leinie x Gidget

  • Yogi, Ch. Afire's Sheriff Without a Gun, born June 12, 2013

    • Fin Ch. Afire's First Name Greatest x Shandy

  • Miranda, Ch. Afire's Gunpowder and Lead, born June 12, 2013

    • Fin Ch. Afire's First Name Greatest x Shandy

  • Maya, GCH. Kei-Rin's Bandida De Offshore, born December 9, 2011, CHIC # 94951

    • Ch. Nissops's Joki Koira x Shandy

  • Bella, Ch. Fowl Play Lady Antebellum, born July 26, 2010

    • GCH Waterway GmCrk Ralphie Boy How Sweet It Is x Fowl Play Unsinkable Molly Brown

  • Shiloh, Fin Ch. Kei-Rin's Shiloh of Afire, born August 16, 2009

    • Lindy x Lizzie

  • Yukon, Ch. Kei-Rin's Yukon Clover, born August 16, 2009, CHIC # 75697

    • Lindy x Lizzie

  • Staley, Kei-Rin's Sheriff Staley, born May 29, 2009

    • Rudy x Joey

  • Lizzie, Ch. Kei-Rin's Squanto Lizette

    • Doc x Joey

  • Shandy, Ch. Kei-Rin's Summer Shandy

    • Leinie x Waterway Game Crk Coda Meister

  • Leinie, GCH. Kei-Rin's Honeyweiss, SD, CHIC # 47384

    • Rudy x Sassy

  • Joey, Ch. Kraskey's Kei-Rin Sacagawea

    • CH. Kraskey's Grand Rio Mack Tank x Sassy

  • Gidget, Ch. Kei-Rin's Giddy Up N'Go, CHIC # 37843

    • Adam x Raven

  • Rudy, Am/Fin/Int Ch. Kei-Rin's Root'N Toot'N Cowboy, CHIC # 39699

    • Adam x Raven

  • Doc, BISS Ch. Kei-Rin's Medicine Man

    • Matt x Shadow's Libra of J Star

  • Lindy, Ch. Kei-Rin's Lindy Rigger

    • BISS Ch. Shadow's Random Traveler x Sassy

  • Raven, Ch. Silver Falls' Dark Raven

    • Levi x Ch. Jeanie's Dark Molasses

  • Sassy, Kei-Rin's Sasparilla, SD

    • Ch. Beau's Candie Kiss x Matt

  • Levi, BISS Am/Can Ch. Kei-Rin's Lost Dutchman

    • Am/Can Ch. Woods N Waters Royal Flush x Belle

  • Adam, Kei-Rin's Bonanza

    • Matt x Wavecrest Sundance

  • Matt, Am/Can Ch. Kei-Rin's Marshall Dillon

    • Hawkeye x Belle

  • Hawkeye, Ch. Kei-Rin's Hawkeye

    • Beau's Nighthawk Ruff Ridge x CJ

  • Belle, Am/Can Ch. Belle Starr of Kei-Rin

    • Forshee's Captain Prairie x Scout

  • CJ, Kei-Rins Calamity Jane

    • Bovee's Woodlake Silvertip x Scout

  • Scout, Kei-Rin's Scout Em Out

    • Wildemoors Amscot Cork Bouy x Sadie Hawkins

Matt, Sassy, Leinie, Shandy
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Matt, Sassy, Leinie, Shandy