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Below are the AWS who are active in our current breeding program. Most of these dogs are co-owned with others, and only a handful live with us. Eventually this page will include links to their health clearances and pedigrees. Photos will be added below, click to enlarge.

  • Whiskey, 

    • Zorro x Glory

  • Cricket, Kei-Rin's Riverside Love Song, born October 30, 2019

    • Zorro x Izzy

  • Etta, Kei-Rin's Etta Place

    • Joey x Ready

  • Indee, Offshore Kei-Rin's Urban Cowboy, born March 6, 2018

    • Howie x Maya

  • Pistol, Offshore Kei-Rin's Pistolera, born March 6, 2018

    • Howie x Maya

  • Katie, Ch. Kei-Rin's Katie Elder, born June 29, 2017

    • Wiley x Miranda

  • Joey, Ch. Kei-Rin's Cotton Eyed Joe, born July 26, 2016

    • CH. Mann'rs Carolina Fozzy Bear x Miranda

  • Oakley, Ch. Kei-Rin's Lil Sure Shot, born May 21, 2016

    • Yogi x Ready

  • Ace, Ch. Kei-Rin's Riverboat Gambler, born May 21, 2016

    • Yogi x Ready

  • Izzy, Ch. Afire's Kaapunnin Kaanein, born October 1, 2015, CHIC # 125188

    • Shiloh x Fin Ch. Afire’s La Chocolata   

  • Keeper, Ch. Kei-Rin's Promises Kept, born July 22, 2015, CHIC # 123562

    • Leinie x Maya

  • Zorro, GCH. Offshore Kei-Rin's Bold Caballero, born July 22, 2015

    • Leinie x Maya

Ace and Bodee, brothers
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