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English Setters

Since 1994...Current members of our breeding program are listed below, and the slideshow will be updated as often as possible! This page is always under construction! To best view the images and see the dog's names, click to expand the photos. 

Available Dogs and Upcoming Litters of English Setters

Guardian Home Wanted: Domino is an impressive young dog who we would like to keep available for showing and breeding, however we think he would be a great addition to a family who has an active outdoorsy lifestyle.  If you are in the northern Wisconsin area and interested in learning more, please reach out. 

Stevie has been bred to Pickle. If the breeding was successful we expect puppies on the ground May 1st, ready for homes early July. 

Gambit will be bred to our foundation stud ZZ when she comes in season. We expect her to have a cycle in early Spring. 

Our English Setters

Below are the ES who are active in our breeding program. For a list of previous dogs and pictures of many, please visit ES of Our Past. 


Kei-Rin's Something in the Orange

born July 25, 2024

Michael x Stevie

Normal Hearing


Kei-Rin's Queen of Hearts, JH, CGC, TKN

co-owned with Donna and Steve Rolando

born December 16, 2018

CH. Kelyric Crown Royal x Missy

Normal Hearing


Kei-Rin's Knight Moves

born December 16, 2018

CH. Kelyric Crown Royal x Missy

OFA Good Hips, Normal Elbows, Normal Hearing


CH Stardom Kei-Rin Sympathy for the Devil

co-owned with Liz Kaunzner

born December 16, 2018

Oliver x Ch. Colony & Stardom Dreamweaver

OFA Good hips, Normal elbows/thyroid/hearing


Kei-Rin's No Argument at All

born December 18, 2022

Norm x Sassy

Normal Hearing


CH. Kei-Rin's Queen's Gambit

born December 16, 2018

CH. Kelyric Crown Royal x Missy

OFA Good hips, Normal Elbows, Normal Thyroid, Normal Hearing


GCH Kei-Rin Windstar Follow My Shadow

co-owned with Robert Kersey

born August 1, 2020

Norm x Zendaya

OFA Good hips, Normal elbows, Normal Thyroid, Normal Hearing


CH Kei-Rin's Lace and Paper Flowers

born June 1, 2019

(Wildwood Stormwynd Special Agent x Gypsy)

OFA Good hips, Normal elbows/thyroid/Hearing

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