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American Water Spaniels

Forty years of dedication to the rare American breed!  Current members of our breeding program are listed below, and the slideshow will be updated as often as possible! This page is always under construction!

Available Dogs and Upcoming Litters of American Water Spaniels

Cricket will be bred to our frozen Rudy semen late summer 2024. This is a very exciting line breeding wherein we expect our signature great temperaments and coats. Trainability and hunting drive in spades. Great family companions. Please contact Pam to get on a wait or

We currently do not have any available adults, however, we are always looking for guardian homes in our area. If you might be interested becoming a retirement home or guardian home, please reach out!

Retirement homes are for older adults who are no longer used for breeding. Typically between 2-6 years of age. We charge a small fee and require spay/neuter within 3 months of acquisition. 

Guardian homes should be somewhat local to us; these homes will raise the dog and will have co-ownership with us. The dogs will be able to leave occasionally for shows and/or breeding. Owners will not be able to spay/neuter until we "sign off" effectively retiring them from use. 

Our Current American Water Spaniels

Below are the AWS who are active in our current breeding program. For a list of all previous dogs and pictures of many of them, please visit AWS of Our Past


MRBIS NBISS GCHS Kei-Rin's Gunsmoke

born August 8, 2020

Zorro x Izzy

OFA Excellent Hips, Normal Eyes, Cardiac Clear, DM Carrier (B)


CH Kei-Rin's Riverside Love Song

born October 30, 2019

Zorro x Izzy

OFA Good Hips, Normal Eyes, Cardiac Clear, DM Clear (A)


CH Kei-Rin's Kachina Doll

born July 1, 2022

Smokey x Etta

OFA Hips TBD, Normal Eyes, DM Carrier (B)


CH Kei-Rin's Etta Place

co-owned with Cheri Douglas

born June 29, 2018

Joey x Ready

OFA Good Hips, Normal Eyes, Cardiac Clear, DM Clear (A)


(coming soon)


(coming soon)


CH Kei-Rin's Lil Sure Shot

co-owned with Kelly Hayes

born May 21, 2016

Yogi x Ready

OFA Excellent Hips, Normal Elbows, Cardiac Clear, CERF 2018 Normal Eyes, DM Carrier (B)

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