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Our American Water Spaniels

Below are the AWS who are active in our current breeding program. Dogs bred within our own program are referenced by call name only, and can be found elsewhere on the page or under "AWS of the Past."


BISS Group Winning CH Kei-Rin's Gunsmoke

born August 8, 2020

Zorro x Izzy

Normal Eyes, Cardiac Clear


CH Kei-Rin's Riverside Love Song

born October 30, 2019

Zorro x Izzy

OFA Good Hips, Normal Eyes, Cardiac Clear


Ch. Kei-Rin's Katie Elder (retired)

born June 29, 2017

Wiley x Ch. Afire's Gunpowder and Lead

OFA Good Hips, Cardiac Clear, CERF 2019 Normal Eyes, DM Clear


Ch. Kei-Rin's Lil Sure Shot

co-owned with Kelly Hayes of Offshore, Florida

born May 21, 2016

Yogi x Ready

OFA Excellent Hips, Normal Elbows, Cardiac Clear, CERF 2018 Normal Eyes


Ch. Kei-Rin's Riverboat Gambler

owned by Jenny and Robert Depke, Illinois

born May 21, 2016

Yogi x Ready

OFA Good Hips, DM Carrier (not affected)



Ch. Afire's Kaapunnin Kaanein

born October 1, 2015

Shiloh x Fin Ch. Afire’s La Chocolata  

CHIC # 125188: OFA Good Hips, CERF 2017 Normal Eyes, Cardiac Clear



Ch. Kei-Rin's Promises Kept

co-owned with Kelly and Kendra Hayes

born July 22, 2015

Leinie x Maya

CHIC # 123562: OFA Good Hips, DM Clear, Normal Cardiac, CERF 2017 Normal Eyes